Antalya is a thriving city on the southern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The weather and water are great, the people friendly, the food exquisite and the Greek and Roman ruins in the immediate area are in better shape than those in Greece or Italy! If you want to see ancient Greek ruins and walk in the footsteps of St. Paul, Alexander the Great, Marcus Aurelius and George and Dianna, this is the place for you!

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Packed and ready to go.

                    Two eager travelers.

We were millionaires in Turkey!  Istanbul airport.

Our accommodations were luxurious.


Open air restaurants were great.

Antalya dates back to Greek and Roman times

with well preserved ruins in the old city.

The many restaurants hustle customers.

                               We bought a souvenir plate.

Antalya has a great museum of prehistoric, Greek and Roman artifacts.

We visited Aspendos. It has well preserved ruins from

Roman times. The Theater is still in use today for concerts and plays.

Near the theater is the ancient city ruins.

Turkey is a great place to visit!

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