We took a 12 day historical tour of China with China Focus Travel. The tour leaves from San Francisco via China Air on a direct 13 hour flight to Beijing.  China Focus also can provide a special discount rate on round trip airfare from other cities in the U.S. What is especially great about this tour is it's price. During the off season, China Focus charges $999 for the 12 day tour (from San Francisco). This includes all airfare, hotels (4 and 5 star) , all meals, all transportation in China and tour guides to explain and answer any questions you have about Chinese history or culture. During the warmer months the tour is several hundred dollars more. The tour in China begins in Beijing with a visit to Tianamen Square, The Forbidden City, the Emperor's summer palace and the Great Wall.  Each day is full of sightseeing and exposure to Chinese culture and history. The full itinerary can be viewed on the China Focus website. It includes Beijing, Ji'nan, Tai'an,Qufu, Suzhou,and Shanghai. All meals are included in the tour package and are excellent.
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Our National Guide, Michael Young meets us in Beijing.

The first day we visit Tianamen Square.

After Tianamen Square we visit the Emperor's summer palace.

                                                                    Our hotel had guards to keep street vendors off site.

The food was sumptuous.   We saw traditional Chinese opera.

We visit The Great Wall about 50 Kilometers from Beijing.


Those who make it to the top are considered "Heroes". This is the veiw from the top, 880 Meters high.

We visit a cloisenne factory.

We visit the tombs of the Ming Dynasty and walk down the Sacred Way.

We visit the People's Park and view all sorts of activities by mostly retired people.

Tony and Michael, Tony was our excellent Beijing guide.

Our tour group was welcomed in Ji'nan by a band!

Our Ji'nan hotel garden was beautiful.

The service and food was excellent.

We view the famous Huang Ho river (Yellow river).

Our stay in Tai'an included a side trip to Qufu, Confucious's birthplace and also Mt. Tai, one of the most sacred during the time of the Emperors.

We see the well used by Confucious, 2500 years ago.

We visit the burial mound of Confucius. His 75th generation grandson paints pictures there for tourists.

We climb to the top of Mount Tai.


We travel by train overnight to Suzhou.

We visit a silk factory in Suzhou. They stretch double cocoons to use for stuffing for duvet covers.

We learn about and enjoy a tea ceremony in our Shanghai hotel.

We have a great view of Shanghai from our room on the 25th floor.

We visit the "Children's Palace", an extra-curricular school for children who want to excel in the arts.

We use Starbuck's as a meeting place in Shanghai.

More great food.

We take in the Shanghai acrobats.

Vicki and Michael. Vicki is our excellent Shanghai guide.

We enjoy our last meal in Shanghai with Ron and Renee and the entire tour group.


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