Costa Rica is a Central American country located just north of Panama and South of Nicaragua. It is the oldest democracy in Central America. They are so stable and peaceful they don't even have an army.  It is the home to many unique species of plants and animals in its tropical rainforests. The temperature is mild the year round in the highlands where San Jose, the capital, is located.  Many Americans have retired to this country because of its beauty, weather, and friendly people and latin culture.  Our tour was with Caravan Tours.  It was very well run, the guide was excellent, the food and lodging was very good. The tour was ten days, starting in the capital, San Jose and returning there after traversing the country to the Caribbean side, up north near Nicaragua, to the Pacific beaches and back to San Jose. At $995 per person it was well worth it.
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skyline   skyline

Our first hotel, San Jose Palacio     View from the hotel.              

typical streetairport

Countryside near San Jose     Poor man's "umbrella" plant


          Poas Volcano

airportnite in dubai

                     Tree top tram.   

airporttypical street

  We saw many tropical plants from the tram.   Also big spiders.

We traveled to the Green Turtle and wildlife sanctuary in Tortuguero National Park.

You can only get there by boat or plane.

We took the boat.   We saw many varieties of plants and animals, only a small sample are seen here.

nite in dubaiskyline

   Drying out.                                 Cayman                     

typical streetnite in dubai

        Up close                             Great photo op.

nite in dubaitypical street

    "Jesus" lizard (it walks/runs on water)   Heron            

slothtermite nest

         Two toed sloth                    Termite nest


         Exotic flower

We saw various sights while traversing the country.  We had lunch at a restaurant which also had

a butterfly garden, one which is seen here.  When it flies the inside of the wings are iridescent blue.

We stopped at one place and viewed 50-60 iguanas sunning themselves in the trees next to our vantage

point (a bridge)  We visited a banana plantation to see how they process bananas. We viewed

15-20 large crocodiles in a river from a bridge near the Pacific Ocean. We visited Jaco beach in the

Carara Biological Reserve.  The water was warm and we viewed various wildlife.


 iguana iguana

beetle crocodile

 banana processingbanana processing   

banana processing

We visited a cloud forest near the San Carlos valley.  It is enveloped in clouds most of the time.

 cloud forestcloud forest 

  cloud forest cloud forest

cloud forest


Some of us decided to brave the Zip Line tree top adventure. What a ride!
zip line zip line    

zip line    zip line     

  zip line 

We stopped to see all metal church in Grecia, shipped in pieces to Costa Rica

from Belgium.  We also visited Sarchi, known for its woodwork.

       metal churchsculpture


Here is a picture of our tour group: what a great group of people!


We stayed four days in San Jose after the tour. We saw the popular horse parade

and Carnival parade right after Christmas.


  xmas celebrationparade

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