One of the joys of life for Kuwaitis is to spend time in the desert, sort of back to nature and to commune with the slower pace of the past. As you drive out of the city during the months of February and March the desert not only blossoms with wildflowers, but also with tents. Some belong to individuals, but many are arranged in "camps" where people can spend a day or a weekend or a week and socialize with family or friends.  Many are outfitted with running water, satelitte TV and flush toilets. Arab hospitality, makes both friend and visitor feel welcome. Alan wa sahlan! (Welcome!)

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The desert near the freeway.  At the Texaco-Saudi Arabian Camp.

 One of the tents.                The Camp host's tent with "shai" (tea) warming.

A feast in the desert.                            Kids being kids!

Snacking and smoking "shisha"             Spring flowers brought by showers.
(shisha is a water pipe, also called
a hubbly bubbly).

Desert flowers.                                     More desert flowers.

A desert dung beetle.                            A desert lizard.

A camel herder's camp
and a new arrival.