Our two week visit to Egypt over spring break was an opportunity to see the ruins and artifacts that date back 5 millennium and to enjoy fun in the sun on the Red Sea at Sharm El Sheik, near the site Moses is said to have received the 10 Commandments. We strolled the streets of Cairo, rode camels around the pyramids, explored old tombs and spent two days in the Cairo Museum being awed by the rich culture of ancient Egypt. After that we spent a week at Sharm El Sheik, basking in the sun, snorkeling in the crystal clear Red Sea with fantastic viewing of multicolored fish and coral. Our last 4 days was spent in Luxor, in upper Egypt on the Nile river. There we visited the Valley of the Kings and Queens and saw the tombs of ancient Pharaohs. We also visited the temple of Luxor and Karnak containing acres of memories left as a legacy by the ancient dynasties. Especially impressive was the light show at Karnak under the clear, starlit sky. On an all day Nile cruise we visited a Roman era temple at Dendera built to honor the Egyptian Gods. It was in excellent condition with the roof still intact! (Made of stone.) Of course any visit to Egypt and the Nile would not be complete without the Felucca ride. (Egyptian Sailboat dating back many centuries.)

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cairo hotel
Our hotel in Cairo, old world charm!
hotel dining room
Our "old world charm" dining room.
al adha sacrifice skins
We visited Cairo during the "Eid Al-Adha",
which is a Muslim holy celebration of sacrifice
and feasting. These are sheep skins waiting
to be picked up.


The Nile and part of Cairo's skyline, with two Feluccas moored.
Paintings and carvings in a tomb near Cairo .
Mykerinos, King of Upper and Lower Egypt, 2600 BC.
rajpte[ and nefert
Rahotep and Nefert in the Cairo Museum. (Fourth dynasty, 2723 BC.)

The steward Amenemhet and his wife with
their son Intef. His sister Hapi stands to the right.
Offerings are piled up on the table. 11th dynasty (2130-2000 BC)
hapi and sister

Note the size of this statue of Amenophis III and Tyi!

Tutankhamun, boy king! 18th dynasty (1352-1344 B.C.)


Tutankhamen's chair found in the tomb.
di's camel
Dianna and her camel named Ali Baba!
(George's was named "Mickey Mouse")

The Pyramids at Giza, about a 15 minute
ride from our hotel in Cairo.

di on camel
What a way to see the Pyramids!

Our View of the Pyramids from our camels.
pyramid up close
Pyramids up close!

Sphinx with the pyramids in the background.

step pyamid
We visited the earliest pyramids built about
10 kilometers from those at Giza at a place called Saqqara.

good friends
The tomb of two good friends at the Saqqara pyramid site.

entrance to tomb
Entrance to the tomb in Saqqara
luxor columns
Some of the colossal ruins at the Temple of Karnak in Luxor.
Guardians of the gate in the temple at Karnak in Luxor.

More from the Karnak temple.
These ruins cover 60 acres!

luxor at nite
The temple at Luxor at night.
Our View across the Nile, from our hotel (Novotel)
to the mountains where the Valley of the
Kings and Queens is located.
A view at the entrance to a tomb in the
Valleyof the Kings at Luxor.
The manufacture of alabaster vases by hand.
Note the tools on the left to hollow out the inside
of the rock. This was near the Valley of
the Kings by Luxor.
cruise boat
The cruise boat we took down the Nile to the
Temple at Dendera.

The hotel Kanabesh we stayed at in Sharm El Sheikh.

Our View the Sinai mountains from our other
hotel (Helnan Marina).