Fahaheel is a suburb of Kuwait, about 25 miles south of Kuwait City. It is a city of about 200,000 which is the end of the megalopolis which stretches south from Kuwait City. There is a large oil refinery there. The many shops and stores there range from the very modern to the very traditional. Walking the streets you encounter all sorts of native dress and nationalities. It is the home to many expatriate workers, Afghans, Sri Lankans, Pakistani, Bangledeshi and Egyptians. There is also a large Kuwaiti beduin population there. It is a great place to shop.

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supermarket sign

             Modern supermarket.         A big Mac in any language.

mosque picnic

              Old Mosque.                           Mosque and Oil Refinery.

street water kiosk by mosque

Typical street intersection: "roundabout" Water kiosk, with cup.

bazaar street

Entrance to shopping bazaar.             Hardware souk (shopping area).

mall gold

            Entrance to mall.                            Typical gold shop.

curio shop glass

            Typical curio shop.                          Turkish glass ware.

curio shopping

               Curio shop.                               Typical shopping scene.


              New Mosque.                                New Mosque.

basic quarters

           Not so new living quarters.

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