Any kind of food that you could imagine can be found in Kuwait, (except pork dishes).  Fine dining is one of the Kuwaiti national pastimes. Whether eating in, or eating out, the choice is broad, service is good and the prices reasonable. No one gets homesick for American food in Kuwait.  American restaurant chains have come to Kuwait in a big way. Every chain from Applebee's to Wendy's is here as well as cuisine from all over the Middle East. Our favorite is to order in from Hazer Baba, just down the street on Gulf Avenue. Their whole, boneless, pressed, grilled, garlic chicken with Irani bread and a side order of Lebanese Fatoosh salad is superb! Add homemade taboula and hummus for a feast. We like to dine on our balcony by candlelight, look at the city lights and enjoy a homemade beverage.

           Fudruckers                                    Friday's                       Hardee's, Sbarro

                           Burger King on the Gulf                    Shrimpy's                                 McSign

        McDining on the Gulf            Nino's on the Gulf                  Faculty  feast nite out

                          Swarma cooks at outing         Sultan Center produce               Turkish restaurant