Kuwait's oil wealth and the way it is shared by native born Kuwaiti's allows many Kuwaiti families to build and furnish lavish houses. Often a family will have a house in the city and also a "Chalet" on the Arabian Gulf. As you drive around in Kuwait City and it's suburbs you see new construction of houses everywhere. Huge, roomy houses, with multiple stories and rooms for maids and drivers. It seems no expense is spared. To the casual observer it sometimes seems like a plethora of small hotels. Of course not all Kuwaitis are that rich, but it seems as if many are. 
 Splendiferous Houses of Kuwait
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Typical Kuwaiti Houses
                 A bit larger than the norm, it has an on-site mosque.     A Chalet in Salmiya
                              Entryway to a Chalet in Salmiya      Another typical Chalet
                  An abandoned house, since the war, note     Less well-to-do Kuwaitis live in flats.
                  the bricked up gun port the Iraqi's made.

A row of 4 identical houses (each is for a separate wife)
You can only see two in this shot!