We took a whirlwind 8 day tour of India. We flew direct from Kuwait to New Delhi, India. The airline once again lost our bag, so we were delayed in the airport several hours filling out the necessary paperwork. After that, our pre-arranged driver/tour guide took us to our hotel, gave us about 1/2 hour to freshen up and we were off-driving to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. It is about a 4 1/2 hour drive to Agra. Since we had not been to bed for over 24 hours we did nap a bit on the way. However, given the nature of Indian roads and traffic, it was a rather fitful nap!  The next day we toured New Delhi all day, and then the day after that we flew south to Goa.  The day after arriving in Goa we took a tour all day to see the sights north and south. Only after being on vacation for 4 days were we finally able to kick back and enjoy our 5 star resort on Varca beach.  On the way back to Kuwait we flew to Mumbai, (Bombay) India to make connections with Kuwait Airlines. We took a quick afternoon/evening tour of the city with a guide that spoke very poor English but could maneuver pretty well through tuk tuks, cars, trucks, bicycles and hand carts of the Bombay streets.

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Many carts in India.   Sugar cane to raw suger.       Cow patties drying.

                       Old Moghul Fort in Agra.

       The Pearl Mosque in the Agra Fort complex. Note the inlay.

Many people use bicycles to get around.  Entrance to the Taj Mahal.

No internal combustion engines are allowed near the Taj Mahal. Also no

industry in Agra is allowed that pollutes the air.

Workers are doing inlay on marble. Hindu temple.   Typical street vendor.

The Jamma Mosque in New Delhi.   Police carry sticks for contro.

An Eid goat dressed for dinner.    The Mahatma Ghandi memorial in Delhi.

President's house/Parliament complex area.             India Gate.

Colorful snake charmer in Delhi. He insisted I participate!


We traveled to Goa after two days in Delhi.

Gas station fire protection.     Club Mahindra on Varca Beach.

                                                     Drying rice on the roadway. St. Catherine's church.

Sugar cane drink vendor.  Memorial arch to Vasco Da Gama.

                       Hindu temple.

                 Northern Goa Beaches.

Sunsets in Goa are spectacular. The Arabian Sea, on the Indian Ocean is warm!

Mumbai formely called Bombay, is a crowded thriving metropolis..

Much physical work is done by women.  Street children wait for the light change to

resume begging people in stopped cars.  The cart traffic co-exists with motor traffic.

The things carried on bicycles are amazing.

The India Gate in Bombay.

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