This was written before the invasion of Iraq by the United States.The border with Iraq is only about 60 miles from Kuwait City. On the drive to the border on good paved road, you do notice some of the devastation left from the Iraqi invasion and liberation by the coalition forces of Desert Storm. For example, there are still pock marks in the highway from cluster bomb explosions. Other damage is still apparent. There is a demilitarized zone 5 kilometers wide at the border which is patrolled by United Nations personnel. Photography past there is prohibited.

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dish dish

Bombed out satellite dish. Another war casualty.

building UN sign

Bombed satellite instalation. United Nations zone warning.

UN zone camels grazing

United Nations border zone. Grazing camels.

Iraq town

Iraqi hills about 5 kilometer away. Devastated Kuwaiti town.

twon town

Now a ghost town. More ghost town.

More ghost town.