After visiting the Vatican in Rome, we headed for Florence, arriving late in the afternoon. The next day, after visiting some ancient Roman aqueducts, we visited Pisa, then continued on to the French Riviera. We spent the night in Nice, France, traveled the next morning to Cannes where we spent a couple hours on the beach, then on to Spain.

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                               Florence, Italy

We visited a leather craft shop.  The church of Santa Croce.    We had a great guide!

Michelangelo, Dante, Galileo, Rossini, Ghiberti, are all entombed

here in Santa Croce Church.

                                   Pisa, Italy

                          Monaco and  The French Riviera

A romantic dinner on the beach in Nice.

Guess what picture is taken by the topless beach in Cannes?

                   Old Roman aquaducts are still in excellent condition.

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