We welcomed in 2001 in Madrid, Spain.  After two great, warm weeks in the Canary Islands, we traveled to Madrid for the New Year's holiday weekend. We left 75 degree weather and were abruptly in freezing winter weather in Madrid! Unfortunately, we didn't bring heavy winter clothes! We decided to go shopping for some. We visited the Prado Art Museum, saw the landmarks of downtown Madrid, and celebrated the holidays. 

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Prado Prado Museum Carlos the 3rd                          
       Prado Museum.           Inside the Prado.                   King Carlos
shell game   cathedral columbus monument
   The old shell game.            Madrid Cathedral.        Columbus monument.                                

revelers  storefront   palace

               Revelers.             Decorated store front.          King's Palace.

street  Graffiti   parade

  Christmas decorations.          Graffiti                         New Year's Parade

     City Mascot.                                    

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