Maboula is a suburb 20 miles to the south of Kuwait City. It one of the sites that big supertankers fill up with oil. Our apartment is located there. It is a rather conservative section of Kuwait, with many beduin families residing there. There are also many expatriate workers living in this area. It is located close to the Arabian gulf and also a fast growing area, with a new mall and many new apartments being built for Kuwaitis.  Welcome to our neighborhood! 

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street street

                        Typical street scenes near us.         

pharmacy boy

         Pharmacy we patronize.           Child with toy gun.

school mosque

Government grade school.                    Mosque.

street house

           Car repair shop.                    Nice house.

house house

          Close up of nice house.       Construction of house.

apartments house

         Modest housing.                    Another nice house.

junk fast food

          Not so nice view.                        Fast food.

apartments school

            Worker housing.                   Private school.

grafitti open area

                Grafitti.                                Open area.

walk street

            Walking trail.                      Typical main street.

construction walk

            Construction.                        Walking trail.

old house sellers

     Old style farm residence.     Locally grown veggies for sale.

mosque abayya ladies

              Mosque.                  Two ladies in abayya visiting .

street mall

Street in back of our apartment.    Inside mall near us.

mall mall

Dining area of mall on the Gulf.        Kids play areaby the mall.

walk mall

Walk along the Gulf by the mall.    Front of the Magic Mall.