Malaysia is a mostly Muslim country in Southeast Asia. It is located near Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.  There is also a large Chinese and Indian population there.  The east side of the country is much more traditional that Kuala Lumpur, the capital, located on the west side of the peninsula.  

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 resort rainforest

Our Resort in Cherating                            Rain forest visit.

Lizard flower

             Rain forest lizard                       Lotus blossoms

lotus hat aborigine settlement

        Beautiful Woman with lotus hat!     Orang people settlement.  

restaurant beach

        Chinese beach restaurant.     Beach in front of our resort.

pool beaches

        Resort pool.                                Uncrowded beaches.

colorful culture ganesh

        Colorful cultures.                      Statue of Indian God Ganesh.

buddha skyline

        Chinese Temple Buddha                Kuala Lumpur skyline.

chinese temple hotel

        Chinese Temple.                            Our Hotel as seen from tower.

towers town at nite

        Petronas Towers.                           Chinatown at night.

mothe butterfly

        Moths in butterfly park.             One of hundreds of species in the butterfly park.

tucan stork

        Many tropical birds in bird park.             Stork?

peacock landscape

             Peacock in bloom.                  Elegant landscaping in the park.


        Lovebirds in the park!