Oman is the second largest country on the Arabian Penninsula. It is located at the strategic mouth of the Arabian Gulf (Persian Gulf to those not from this area).   This ancient Arab country has a rich cultural heritage as seafaring traders. It has made great strides in modernization in the last 29 years due to it's oil wealth and enlightened leadership.  The landscape is mountainous and rugged.  At the base of the mountains it is an oasis of green, repleat with flowers and friendly, prosperous people. Old forts dot the landscape on hilltops, forming an exotic backdrop for the modern cities below.  The beaches are beautiful, the water clear and warm, the diving and snorkling excellent.

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Sultan Qaboose
Sultan Qaboose, Ruler of Oman
old palace  
The Sultan's Palace in Old Muscat
old house
Restored Bait Al Zubair (House of Zubair)
beautiful woman
Fountain with beautiful woman in yard at
Bait Al Zubair

old fort
Fort overlooking the Palace in Old Muscat

Fisherman mending nets on the beach
al bustan
Al Bustan Palace Hotel, one of the world's top five hotels.

Hospitality in the lobby of Al Bustan

lobby of bustan
Grand lobby of the Al Bustan Palace Hotel

view from fort
View from a fort at the edge of the harbor
View of Mutrah harbor from the fort tower

Rugged mountains, lush valley
hill fort
Another fort overlooking Mutrah harbor

curio shop
Typical curio shop in the Mutrah Souk
Note the Khanjar's (traditional knives)
on the left. People still wear them here.
The handles are often made of Rhino horn.
pork room
Oman is a tolerant society, allowing both
pork and alcohol for non-Muslims.

nice house
A mansion on a hill we noticed!

Another mansion not on a hill!
Beautiful, clean, public beaches!
Our next door neighbor in Oman
One of the fine dining places we visited at the Hyatt!
Our hotel in Oman
old oman
A reconstruction of old, pre-oil Oman