Our Surroundings

 Living and loving the good life in Kuwait. We have a view of the Arabian Gulf, a nicely furnished apartment convenient to restaurants and services. We are not far from the freeway, we pay no taxes (on income earned here), we are located to conveniently travel either to Europe, the Sub-Continent, Africa or Asia. Western amenities abound, the people are friendly and the weather is warm in the winter! 
                    Life in the Middle East

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our apartment Our Pool
       Our apartment building                              Our pool
Entrance Living room

       Entrance to apartment                 Living room

kitchen Bathroom
                    Kitchen                               Master Bathroom

Bedroom  Guestroom  

               Bedroom                               Guest room                           

dining room  kitchen

Dining Room-Living Room divide.          Balcony-view south

dining room  Guestroom  

    Sitting area by balcony                  Entryway table                             

Library Library
              Library                                     Library                                
Living roomwestview
       View west.                                                Balcony.                                

Library westview
     George in a dishdasha.              Dianna in an abayya.                 .                    
George and DiLibrary
       George and Di as Kuwaitis     Anniversary night out.  

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