Kuwait is a shopper's paradise for both food and consumer goods.  Because of the wealth in Kuwait, you will find upscale shops for everything from electronics and clothes to a wide variety of food. Kuwait has numerous shopping malls as well as a great variety of individual shops. You will also find shopping areas or "souks" in which there are many shops offering the same type goods in competition with each other. For example there is a "plant souk", a "fabric souk, "computer souks", "fish souk" get the picture. Another interesting place to shop is the "Friday Market".  It is huge outdoor bazaar held on Fridays (Isamic Holy day).  There you can get household items, clothes, carpets, appliances, you-name-it. Besides new wares, there is also a huge "garage sale" area there where you can pick up good bargains. 
 A Shopper's Paradise

     Flower sales at Sultan Center       Clock powered by Water       Marina at Sharq Center
                                                            at the Sharq Center

 Kuwait's First Starbuck's             Carpets for sale         Kuwait made silk blouse

The Friday Market         Carpet sales at Friday Market        Fish auction at fish souk

 Fish vendor in fish souk     Shrimp just before the auction     Upscale Mall in Salmiya