Barcelona was a fun city to visit. There is much to see and the Ramblas, or place where people tend to congregate during the day and evening is an interesting experience. Barcelona hosted the summer Olympics in 1992 and proudly shows off this legacy of sports facilities.

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Border monument.             We went to a Flamenco dance performance with others from our tour group.  It was an enjoyable evening.

IThe performers were very intense and it looked like it is very strenuous.

An architect named Gaudi is a native son of Barcelona who had a unique design style. He designed buildings around the turn of the last century (1900). One project, a cathedral, is of very unusual design, and is still  under construction today. It is not expected to be finished for another 50 years.

On our way to visit yet another Cathedral, we walked through a courtyard where two  musicians were playing classical style music. We walked by, stopped, looked at one another, turned around and bought their CD "The Intimist". We play it often and treasure it.

The famous "Black Madonna" was in the cathedral we visited.

The Ramblas is a very interesting place to people-watch. While we were walking and taking in the sights, I noticed a pickpocket reaching for the wallet of an unsuspecting senior citizen. I grabbed the pickpocket's wrist and yelled "pickpocket"! After loudly announcing what I had caught him doing, no one seemed to be particularly shocked or inclined to help, so I let go of his wrist and he faded into the side streets with his companion! So much for my crime-fighting career!

On the way to Madrid, we crossed the Prime Meridian, the imaginary line separating the Eastern and Western Hemisphere. The marker bridges the highway.

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