The trip from Barcelona to Madrid took us through some dry desolate country. When we got to Madrid we took a day tour to Toledo, the old capital of Spain. Then it was on the road again, north to San Sebastian with a stop on the way in Burgos, where El Cid is buried. By this time we were getting somewhat "cathedralled-out", however the church in Toledo was worth it to see the numerous El Greco paintings there.

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Terrain on the way to Madrid.   We stopped for lunch in Zaragosa.

It is always fun to people-watch.  The bull signboards advertise a popular cognac.

A number of castles dot the landscape.  Toledo, near Madrid, is the picturesque old capital of Spain.

After leaving Madrid we traveled north to San Sebastian, on the Bay of Biscay, in Basque country. On the way we stopped to see the sights in Burgos the town El Cid was from.

Statue of El Cid and the Cathedral where he was buried.

To get to San Sebastian and the Basque country, you go through high, rugged mountains.

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