Sri Lanka is located just off the southern tip of  India. It used to be called Ceylon.  It has a tropical climate, is mountainous in the middle and has a civil war in progress with the Tamil Tigers. The war is mostly being fought in the north, although there are bombings throughout the country.  Security is tight, with roadblocks commonly manned by machingun and grenade launcher equipped soldiers. Despite this, it is a beautiful country with friendly people, an exotic tropical paradise with warm ocean waters and great snorkling. We spent 4 days in Colombo, the capital at the charming old colonial hotel, the Galle Face.  It was the residence of Arthur C. Clarke when he wrote his novel 2001.  It has also been the hotel that many Presidents and Prime Ministers have stayed in over the years.
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galle face hotel galle face Our Pool
       Galle Face Hotel grounds and courtyard.      Breakfast on the veranda.
  entrance  cannons tea pickers
       Entrance to Hotel.            Old Cannons.                     Tea pickers.

temple  Guestroom Guestroom   

           More Temple of the "Tooth" pictures from Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Library Library westview
         Old Temple.     View from hotel in Hikeduwa.    Beach Snake charmer.

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