The Canary Islands are part of Spain.  There are about 4 main islands off the coast of Morocco.  We spent two weeks on Tenerife.  It has a moderate to warm winter climate and is the vacation destination for many Europeans.  The people are friendly, the scenery beautiful and there is much to see and do.  We also visited the Island of Gomera, the last land Columbus touched before arriving in the New World.  On Tenerife there is also a great Zoo called Loro Park.  It has about 200 species of Parrots as well as a marine dolphin show and penguin display.  Across from our timeshare residence was a beautiful botanical gardens.  We also enjoyed the drive to the Mt. Tiede volcano crater.   It was a great place to vacation.

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resort resort street
       Timeshare.                      Timeshare apt.                  Typical walkway.
flowers coast rainbow
      Beautiful flowers.                Coastal view.       Welcoming rainbow.

horse  church   waterfront

     Native rider.                        Old Church.                   Waterfront.

waterfront  cafe   street

         Waterfront.                      Street cafes.                  Old world charm.

moroccans tiede crater
              Moroccan.                  Mr. Tiede                       In the Crater.
gomera mts gomera valley westview
       Gomera Island.                 More Gomera.                  Gomera.              

whistler   di and drinks skulls
 Gomera whistle talker.   Do we really drink this?   Museum of Natural History.
gorilla penguin fish
       Gorilla.                                Penguins.                           Fish.
monkeys croc
                Monkeys.                  Crocodile.                   

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