We traveled to Thailand over winter break.  We spent a week at a timeshare hotel in Bangkok and another week at a timeshare resort in Phuket.  Bangkok is a huge city of millions which never seems to sleep and Phuket is a rather sleepy resort with beautiful beach and warm water on the peninsula south of Bangkok.

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river view junk MCDONALDS
 View from our Timeshare.              Junk.                     American Culture.
  FISHTAIL BOAT riverside house monorail
       Fishtail boat.                  Riverside dwelling.          Modern monorail.

boat motor  gold buddha   monk

   Fishtail boat engine.           Solid gold Buddha              Buddhist monk.

dancer  dancers   dancer

            Dancer.                           Dancers.                             Dancer.

monk riverside temple
              Monk.                                    Riverside.           Royal palace grounds.
temple temple    temple                      
                                             Royal Palace grounds.                             
  temple temple temple
                                 Royal Palace grounds.              

temple  temple   temple

                                               Royal Palace grounds.                              

timeshare timeshare beach
                        Timeshare in Phuket .                              Phuket beach.                                

     Phuket beach.             

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